In the early 1970’s, a native Calfornian and for-hire adventure guide named Jack Morrison travelled to remote India to make the first descent of the Tons River on a raft. He became enthralled by the region, spending many of his remaining 40 years exploring the endless tributaries of the Himalayas and bringing a new-found rafting culture to Northern India.

In 2009, Jack passed away from cancer, leaving his two sons and wife with a storage unit full of documentation of his travels. With the hope of spreading his ashes in the place he loved most, his sons took their first trip to the Tons River. Shot alongside a documentary project, I was asked to follow along and document the journey — hoping to understand what kept him coming back, year after year.

The quieter you become, the more you can hear.                                                                                                                INSTAGRAMEMAILWHERE AM I?